Meet Amy

I believe we are meant to live abundant, meaningful lives
- but most of us don’t know how. 

That’s where I come in. 

I’m here to help my clients see their worth and make the necessary changes to live that life.

So, who am I,
and why am I so sure I can help you
at this stage in your life?

Because…I am you.

Or at the very least, I was you.

I spent the last 15 years of my life in financial services and fintech.

I was hustling to get to the top of that ladder, and I did what it took every single day.

I went to the meetings, I gave up the evenings and weekends, I took all the calls, I took every challenge that came at me.

And for a while, it was enough.

I felt good about where I was and what I was doing. I felt like I had made it, and even though some of the areas of my life where I wanted similar success…relationships, friendships, other personal goals… weren’t quite there yet, I figured the job was enough because I was so successful.

Until one day I woke up, and it wasn’t.

Amy Bracht, best career coach in Omaha

I saw that in this race to get to the top and to climb the ladder, I didn’t realize I was on the wrong ladder. Everything on paper looked amazing. But I didn’t feel like I thought I would feel. Instead, I felt empty, wondering why other people were having experiences that I wanted, but it seemed so challenging for me. Why I was working harder and smarter and faster, but other people were still getting further.  And wondering what I was doing it for because it wasn’t for me.  It was for a life I thought I should want, not one I wanted.

I started looking for ways to figure out why I wasn’t enjoying my success and what I should do about it.  I did all the “self-care” things that you read about:  trips to the spa!  Vacations! Buying things, I wanted. This held feelings at bay, but it never lasted. It all came back to the same thing—I wasn’t happy, and nothing external was going to change that fact.

So, I was sitting on a beautiful cruise ship during a fantastic vacation to Alaska, feeling lost, when I opened my Kindle and started reading a book I’d downloaded on a whim.  It was The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. I was always interested in the brain, and how we think, and it looked interesting enough. 

And it was interesting, all right. It changed my life.

In that book, I learned about the power of our subconscious mind and how we can influence everything that happens in our environment with our thoughts. 
This is not “fake it till you make it” or “act happy till you are happy” …this is real, scientific proof for how powerful our brains are for controlling our behavior. 
We’re all playing a program in our heads 95% of our day—a program of our beliefs from our families and cultures, our thoughts and perceptions, and our habits, both positive and negative. 
Suddenly it made so much sense to me why some of the habits I’d tried to change hadn’t worked.  I had been relying on my conscious mind to make the change–thinking my way into success–when, what I really needed to change was my subconscious programming.  


Change that tape, change my life.

In the book, Dr. Lipton mentioned PSCYH-K™, a powerful set of processes which could reprogram limiting beliefs and behaviors in minutes.  I devoured every piece of information about PSYCH-K™ and found my own coach. 

I was blown away by the changes that I made in a short time. 

Situations that had bothered me for years lost their sting. 

Negative beliefs which had held me back since childhood were replaced with beliefs that served me and my success.  It was incredible.

It was so incredible; I became a coach and a PSYCH-K™ facilitator.  I have taken the full cohort of trainings, and I use it every day in my own life and with my clients to make massive changes in a short amount of time in a very easy way.

And now, I want to share what I’ve been through with you—because you deserve the same transformation.

Amy Bracht, career coach in Omaha

The great thing is,
you can do this, too! 

Change is possible,
and it can be quick, efficient,
and complete.   

I’m excited to share this journey as a coach to guide you through this incredible process.

Where do I start, you ask? Simple, schedule a free discovery call to see if you are ready for change.

I believe,
      don’t you?