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Career Clarity 1-On-1 Coaching

Are you ready to make a change in your career, but you don’t know where to begin? The Career Clarity program is perfect if it has been a while since you’ve thought about what you really want.

By defining your values, your mission and vision, and getting clear about how you can overcome any obstacle in your way, the job search becomes almost secondary.

The change has already occurred—within you. 


Session One—
The Dream Storm
(60-90 minutes):

In this process, I ask you a series of questions to spark inspiration and creativity.  

There are no wrong answers.  Within this process, you’ll see your dreams fit into each of the four categories of the best-version-of-you—your physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aspects—which is a great way to organize our priorities. 

It will also let us know places where you tend to focus, and those areas of your life you may tend to avoid. 

It’s not heavy; it’s fun, but it is informative.  This takes you nicely into folding those dreams into a plan for the next steps of your life and career.



Session Two—
Defining Values
(60 minutes)

In this session, we review some questionnaires you will complete about you value from life, what do you require to feel meaning, and any obstacles that could get in the way on your journey. 

We leave this session with a concrete list of what you want from your next job, and questions to ask to ensure you find a company with which you are aligned.


Sessions Three—
Your Personality
(60 minutes)

We review your personality assessment and how it affects your job search. 

With this information, you can craft answers to questions about what’s important to you and what you bring to the table. 

You will receive a full personality report debrief document.


Session Four—
Limiting Beliefs
(60-90 minutes)

In this session, we review any limiting beliefs you might have about what you deserve or should expect, and we change the script. 

We reframe negative thoughts and remove any obstacles in our mindset to getting what we deserve.  


Session Five—
Mission and Vision Statements
(60 minutes)

In this session we develop your ongoing vision and mission statements.

I provide tools for doing this exercise, so it’s easy and fun. 

These statements will serve as your North Star during your job search and give you the language to use when you are interviewing to make sure your authentic self is represented. 

Clarity with companies about who you are will help you weed out those companies which do not align.  


Session Six—
Goal Setting and Go Forward
(60 minutes)

In this session, we wrap up anything that still needs discussion/discovery and set a go forward plan for you as you continue your career search.

Get ready to conquer your interview

In this addition, we ready you for interviews going forward. 

You could choose either of these options at the prices above or combine them.

Special package price for Career Clarity 1-one-1 AND Executive Presence:  $2497.00 (Save over 20%)

 I also offer financing through Coach Financing.

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Your Investment

Career Clarity

1-On-1 Coaching
6 sessions over 6 weeks
$ 2197
  • Define work values
  • Blast through limiting beliefs
  • Practical steps you can take every day to make progress

Interview Prep

Get ready to interview with confidence!
2 sessions 1-On-1 Coaching
$ 997
  • Develop questions to ask during interviews
  • How to discern the truth about company culture
  • Prepare your most impactful stories to share with interviewers

Career Clarity
Interview Prep

Save over 20% when buying both together
$ 2497
  • Know your non-negotiables in the job search
  • Learn the language of expressing your values clearly
  • Increase your confidence as you move forward in your career (and life!)
Special Offer

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