Career Coaching

You know you deserve more from your career - and you want it - but ...

Is Career coaching for you?

LET ME ASK YOU some QUESTIONs to find out:

Do you often feel like

Then it's time to

do this!

See your worth and make the necessary changes to live the life you love.

I’m here to support you, in a safe and judgment-free space.

In my career coaching program, you will get:

how to change career

Who I coach:  

How my coaching works:

I have several customized career coaching programs to guide you on this journey.

We will assess where you are today in key areas of your life, and how we can bring those areas to the next level.

You’ll note your common habits and practices, and whether they are helping you or hindering you.

We figure out what your end state is, and we’ll create a roadmap together for RESULTS.

This is about your life
and receiving the abundance you deserve.

I hold time and space for you to do that. 

It’s a time for YOU, about YOU, and I’m with you every step of the way. 

Who you will become:

How I deliver this:

I offer several career coaching programs to fit the client and his/her individual needs. 

We’ll talk about what outcomes you desire and how I can assist you in getting there. 

As I learn more about you and your unique situation, 
I’ll tailor an approach and program which will guide you to your end game. 

And we’ll have fun along the way, I promise!

career coaching

So, if

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is about empowering people to come up with their own answers. Someone comes to a life coach to achieve a goal or to change, enhance or improve some area of their life. Coaching takes the client from where they are to where they want to be. 
Coaching is results-oriented and focuses on making changes in the present. The client develops a plan of action to move forward, and the coach holds the client accountable to follow through with that plan of action.  

I employ an innovative approach by integrating neuroscience into my coaching methods, revolutionizing how my clients make substantial transformations in their lives.

By understanding the intricacies of the brain and its adaptability, I tailor my strategies to work in harmony with the brain’s processes, making change more accessible and efficient for my clients.

Leveraging neuroscience, I can help individuals rewire their thinking patterns and behaviors, aligning their goals with the brain’s natural inclinations for change.

Through this approach, my clients experience remarkable shifts with considerably less effort, as they harness the brain’s capacity to adapt and create lasting, impactful changes in their lives.

My approach highlights the significance of getting the brain on board as a pivotal step towards achieving personal growth and transformation.

While the answers are always within the client, a strong partnership between the coach and client is the foundation to success.   

Prior to any agreements, I meet with you so we can determine if we are a good fit to work together.  After that, we sign a partnership agreement that outlines how coaching will happen and what the coach and the client can expect from each other.  

Sessions can be held online or in person, depending on the client’s location and schedule.

Consulting is about advising, giving suggestions or information to your client. Unlike
coaching, the consultant tells the client what to do, rather than guiding them to find
their own answers.
As a coach, I believe that the answers to your questions are ultimately within you.
There is nothing I can know better about what you want or how your life is than you.
I will occasionally offer suggestions, only after you have answered your own question and only if my contribution adds to your idea.

Yes I do. I get men. I’ve taken the time to study how they think and appreciate the unique challenges they face in today’s society.  I understand their motivations, and I am able to give them a safe space to dream.