Client Case Study 2

As a personal and professional life coach, I believe we’re all meant to live abundant, meaningful lives.

The reason the majority of us don’t? We simply don’t know how.

We’ve never been given the tools or resources that can help us unlock our potential.

I work with individuals from all walks of life, implementing a process that reprograms limiting beliefs and behaviors.

As my clients will tell you – change is possible. And it can be quick, efficient, and complete.

Nick Kramer is one such example. Below, in his own words, he shares his experience of working with me to become a better version of himself…

Nick Kramer case study

Background & History

My background is in information systems and project management. I’m an agile coach and trainer and have been running my own consulting practice for the last 12 years. Amy and I have been friends for some time now and I thought I’d reach out to her for some assistance. I had some big projects ahead of me and I needed someone who could keep me accountable as I made progress.

What were some of the challenges and obstacles you faced?

I think my difficulties came down to two specific areas.

First and foremost, I had specific goals on how I wanted my business to grow. At the time, I was doing well, but I wanted to do even better. I needed to scale my operation.

Secondly, I had an idea for developing a new tech platform that I wanted to launch. I needed to get some additional perspective from the outside, that could help me prioritize my approach and focus on what was most important.

How did you find Amy and the coaching services she provides?

I met Amy through a previous job, but I eventually reached out to her because I had a client who was interested in leadership training. We ended up meeting for lunch and that’s when I got to know more about her consulting and coaching business. When she explained the process for coaching and leadership development training, I felt like she was someone who could also help me

Tell us about your experience in working with Amy - what did you discover about yourself?

When we first began our sessions, we started right away on goal-setting – and what it was that I needed to achieve.

As we discussed my personal and professional goals, we identified some of the challenges I faced. She introduced me to the Positive Intelligence program, a set of online video sessions that integrate with a mobile app. At the end of each week, we’d meet and go over what I’d learned. These Friday check-ins really kept me accountable, which is exactly what I needed.

Tell us how Amy's coaching has made a difference in both your personal and professional life?

I think the results are very obvious if you look at how my productivity has improved.

In the year following my coaching sessions with Amy, I grew my company by 150%.

And as for the new tech program – I was finally able to get a prototype launched.

Thanks to these successes, I achieved the two goals I set out to complete.

Why would you recommend others work with Amy?

Amy is, first and foremost, a great listener. Throughout my sessions, I found her to be patient, understanding, nonjudgmental, and nonthreatening. She gives such excellent advice and suggestions.

Another aspect of her coaching practice I appreciated was how Amy met me where I was in my life at the time. It seems like other coaching programs start in the middle, and you must catch up. There was no presupposition on her part, just a willingness to listen and assess my situation. I knew I had a couple of issues I needed to work through, and that’s exactly where we began. It may not have been where I wanted to start, but it was certainly where I needed to start.

My experience in working with her as a business coach was such a success that it has me considering another 10-week session in the near-future.

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