Client Case Study 3

As a personal and professional life coach, I believe we’re all meant to live abundant, meaningful lives.

The reason the majority of us don’t? We simply don’t know how.

We’ve never been given the tools or resources that can help us unlock our potential.

I work with individuals from all walks of life, implementing a process that reprograms limiting beliefs and behaviors.

As my clients will tell you – change is possible. And it can be quick, efficient, and complete.

Jamie Swanson is one such example.

Below, in his own words, he shares his experience of working with me to become a better version of himself…

Background & History

Well, I wasn’t a strong high school student, but I really found my niche while in college and earned my Art Education degree. I began teaching right out of school, but after a couple of years I wasn’t exactly making much progress on my student loans. I tried a couple of different jobs, then ended up at PayPal, where I remained for 22 years and first met Amy. I loved the job and learned so much as I progressed through my career there. I handled training, leadership development, project management, operations, customer support, then finally risk management. I went back to school along the way and earned my masters in leadership. Unfortunately, I was downsized late last year, so I’m currently looking for the next big thing in my career.

What were some of the challenges and obstacles you faced?

Amy and I knew one another because our roles were in the same department during our time at PayPal. Once I ended up in the risk management position, she really stepped up by offering to help me understand more about this area of the company. It was all new to me, but she was very helpful in guiding me to confront the challenges and obstacles I faced as an employee. Amy helped me discover that many times in my career I would allow others to guide my next role and I went along because I was not clear on what I wanted.  Sometimes the move was great for me, but sometimes I would feel used or taken advantage of which created resentment.

How did you find Amy and the coaching services she provides?

As I was sharing my thoughts on some struggles I was having with a mutual friend, who suggested I reach out to Amy for assistance. Also, I connected with her on LinkedIn, saw her posts, and I really identified with what she was sharing with her followers. I guess you could say I was right there in her target market of coaching candidates. I needed to do some self-discovery about who I was and what I wanted.

Tell us about your experience in working with Amy - what did you discover about yourself?

Oh gosh, where to start? First off, I consider Amy a friend and I really liked working with her. When we began our sessions, I was looking for a confidence boost. In reviewing the way my job ended, I was frustrated and in a very vulnerable place.

One thing about Amy is that she’s such a good listener. When you’re working with her, you realize that she’s coming from a place of care. She has the unique talent of being able to meet people where they are in their lives – both mentally and emotionally.

Looking back, I came to realize that at the time of my layoff, I was rudderless. I’d lost my direction and was well aware I was on the way out, a terrible feeling. But Amy offered me several tools and resources to right the ship, so to speak. We tackled my insecurities head on. We built action plans, and I followed through. Self-discovery is a wonderful thing and Amy helped me find myself again. For most of my life, I’ve been a people-pleaser, putting others before me – even when it wasn’t healthy. The result was an ever-increasing amount of self-resentment, which led to my lack of purpose. Amy helped me realize that our jobs are not an accurate representation of who we are. And that I wasn’t alone in feeling this way.

Tell us how Amy's coaching has made a difference in both your personal and professional life?

Thanks to Amy’s life coaching, I was able to go out on my own and continue this self-discovery.

The PQ app that we worked on together was life changing. It really shifted how I look at things. I’m finally being honest with myself, and it feels great. Before, my entire identity was tied to my job and career and Amy helped me realize just how unhealthy that is. I’ve finally confronted the circumstances that led to my job loss and was able to process the situation for what it was. Now, I’m creating the identity that I want to create, and Amy has been instrumental in encouraging me along the way. She’s recently suggested that I might be a suitable candidate for business coaching and she’s still giving me great advice on how to go about it.

Why would you recommend others work with Amy?

Amy is just so easy to talk to. The discovery sessions were just…comfortable. She helped me uncover the things in my life that I was suppressing. The things that I knew deep down but didn’t want to admit. Amy has a way of drawing that out of you in a good way. She gives you the tools and leverage, then provides the space you need to process everything. It didn’t hurt that we’d worked together before, because she had an innate understanding of what I was going through. I can say that I’ve seen both her professional side – and her personal side. And they’re both equally impressive.

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