Client Case Study 5

Interview with Justin Dart, July 2023

Tell us about your background (family, education, career to date)

“Growing up in Montana, I went to school at the University of Colorado Boulder, earning a degree in Marketing. After graduating, I moved to the Bay Area and have spent the last 10 years working in the tech startup ecosystem. Though somewhat agnostic in terms of industry, I’ve always served in business development roles – spending time with customers, identifying opportunities to work together, negotiating contracts, and rallying teams on both sides behind the initiative. It’s been great fun to help build a number of companies across fairly early stages.”

Justin Dart Testimonial for Amy Bracht, best career coach in Omaha

What were some of the challenges and obstacles you faced prior to working with Amy?

“At various points in my career, I’ve definitely had workaholic tendencies, which tends to be the curse of high achievers and those who fall in love with startups. It’s not uncommon for me to get deep into work at the expense of a proper work-life balance. 

Another challenge is overcoming a predisposition to get absorbed too deeply in the details. The result is a tendency to over-optimize certain things that may not be that significant in end.” 

How did you find Amy and the coaching services she provides?

“Amy and I initially connected on LinkedIn. Having never worked with a career coach before, I was open to exploring the idea but curious about what to expect – would it be a soul-searching exercise? Tactical advice to foster career advancement? Something else? After our first call, it felt like a good opportunity for reflection and self-growth.”

Tell us about your experience in working with Amy - what did you discover?

“We completed an intensive six week course with weekly check-ins. The experience was pretty candid. Amy is easy to talk to while also being quite perceptive. Her ability to provide direct feedback and essentially hold up a mirror regarding what she was hearing was helpful. She’d share her observations, we’d discuss them, and then talk about applying them at a practical level. The weekly homework assignments and daily mobile app exercises are definitely a time commitment, but helpful. It’s the kind of experience where the more effort you put in, the more you’re able gain from the program. Also appreciated how she held me accountable throughout. The once-a-week sessions became deep dives about the prior week’s content and work, so there was a progression throughout.”

Tell us how Amy's coaching has made a difference in both your personal and professional life?

“Spending time with Amy helped me become more aware of my saboteurs, or the tendencies we all have that often hinder us in both professional and personal aspects of our lives.

Coming out of the program, I felt more self-aware, a bit more thoughtful on career trajectory, and certainly more intentional about how (and where) I spend finite time + energy.

The course was also energizing—Amy goes deep and helps build your confidence.”

Would you recommend others work with Amy?

“Funny enough, I’ve already recommended someone else to Amy and her coaching sessions.
A former client and good friend reached out after hearing about my own experience – he’s currently in touch with Amy as we speak.

For those considering working with Amy, she’s a solid coach who can give you thoughtful feedback in a trustworthy environment while providing actionable steps.”

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