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Mastering Executive Presence: Unleash Your Leadership Potential with Executive Presence Coaching

It’s a sad fact of life that many mid-to upper-level executives often hit a wall in their careers when leadership presence is missing from their skill set.

Managers with “the right resume” who lack executive presence are often the most frustrated in their careers. 

→ They’re passed over for promotions.

→ They’re passed over for leadership training and advancement.

→ They’re technically overqualified for their jobs, yet trapped by some magical glass ceiling.


If this is your story, there is a solution.

Executive Presence Coaching can change your experience and break through the barriers holding you back from a well-deserved promotion.

So why is Executive Presence training so often the missing link?

It helps to first understand what Executive Presence is.

Executive Presence Coaching

As a career coach, I define executive presence as the cumulative set of traits you embody in your physical presence (attire and body language), your words, your actions and your leadership style all of which impacts how your team experiences you. 

When a leader has great executive presence, they exude powerful traits that include everything from confidence, patience, strong communication skills (both speaking and listening) and leadership that’s calmly aligned with the company’s vision and goals.

Most of us do not have all of these skills naturally, yet there exists a mis-perception that “at your age and with your resume” that you should not need someone to help you with these “softer” skills.

Why Is Executive Presence Important?

The reality is, if you’re at a mid-level in your career and not at the carrying the title, compensation or benefits that a person with your skills should, likely a component of executive presence is at the root. 

Executive presence is the “je ne sais quoi”

that you see in leaders when they give a great presentation, be it in a boardroom, on a stage or in a one-on-one meeting. Their command of the room and ability to put others at ease removes obstacles to getting work done. 

Higher productivity and less time wasted

In other words, their presence has a calming and energizing effect on their staff. This means, more work is accomplished and less time is wasted on “people” issues created by poor leadership or lack of vision from the top.

Create results

Since results are often what truly matter in the business world, executive presence skills are what’s underneath creating a more productive team and ultimately proving your worth to your superiors.

Flying of thoughts.

Why Do You Need Executive Presence Coaching?

The bottom line for most people is that they are too close to their challenges to really see the way out on their own. If you could fix , especially with these challenges, especially with the career disappointments you’ve faced, I’m sure you would have.

Executive presence coaching provides a mirror to see how you’re showing up with your team and explores the skills necessary to reform these traits. 

If you’re searching for a new job, we’ll also  explore how to put your best foot forward in all aspects so hiring is easier and the right fit for your personality and priorities.

This 6-session 1:1 coaching program leads you through your goals, determines what’s holding you back, addresses your mindset, and sets you on a path for greater career success either at the job you hold today or a new one you’re currently dreaming about.

6-sessions - 1:1 coaching program

Clarify Goals

Identify Obstacles

Success Mindset

Dream Career

The Core Goal Of Executive Presence Coaching:

Being A Leader In Your Own Life

If you’re ready to steer your career in the direction of greater respect, prosperity and advancement, leadership and personal presence skills are often the fast-track for reaching your goals.

I would love to speak with you about coaching. 

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