How the Working Genius Model Will Revolutionize Your Team

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Creating a high-performing team while keeping costs down is an ongoing challenge for many organizations.

Traditional team-building methods often fall short, leaving managers searching for that elusive program that truly transforms team dynamics.

The Working Genius model is that game-changing solution.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how the Working Genius model will revolutionize your team, leading to increased efficiency, effectiveness, and employee satisfaction.

Understanding the Working Genius Model

The Working Genius model identifies an individual’s natural talents and preferences and how they can best contribute to a team.

It goes beyond traditional personality tests and strengths assessments to provide actionable insights that can be applied to workflows, reorganizations, and productivity.

The Six Types of Working Genius

The Working Genius model is based on six types of geniuses, each representing a distinct way people naturally excel in their work:


  • Wonder: Individuals with the Genius of Wonder are curious and always asking questions.
    They have a strong desire to understand the world and how things work.


  • Invention: The Genius of Invention is all about creativity and generating new ideas.
    These individuals are natural problem solvers and think outside the box.


  • Discernment: People with the Genius of Discernment have an innate ability to evaluate ideas and situations. They can quickly spot potential issues and provide valuable insights.


  • Galvanizing: The Genius of Galvanizing involves inspiring and motivating others. These individuals are natural leaders and can rally a team around a shared vision.


  • Enablement: Individuals with the Genius of Enablement are skilled at providing support and resources to help others succeed. They are empathetic and great at building relationships.


  • Tenacity: The Genius of Tenacity is all about perseverance and follow-through. These individuals are committed to achieving their goals and are not easily deterred.


By understanding and leveraging these six types of genius, the Working Genius model can help teams optimize their performance by putting each team member in the right role at the right place in the process to achieve their full potential.

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Implementing the Working Genius Model in Your Organization

Assessing Your Team's Working Genius Types

The first step in implementing the Working Genius model is to assess each team member’s natural talents and preferences.

This can be done through a comprehensive assessment that identifies which of the six types of genius are most dominant for everyone individually.

Once these results are available, team members can better understand their unique strengths and how they can contribute to the team’s success.

This also makes it easy to see where particular geniuses might be missing in the team and how it affects the overall team success.

Aligning Roles and Responsibilities with Working Genius Types

The next step in implementing the Working Genius model is to align team members’ roles and responsibilities with their natural talents and preferences.

This can involve adjusting job descriptions, reallocating tasks, and even restructuring the team to ensure each person is in a role that best suits their strengths.

This alignment can lead to increased efficiency, effectiveness, and employee satisfaction.

Optimizing Workflows and Processes

Once roles and responsibilities are aligned with team members’ working genius types, organizations can optimize their workflows and processes.

This might involve adjusting the order in which tasks are completed, modifying the way meetings are conducted, or even redesigning the physical workspace.

By leveraging the unique strengths of each team member, organizations can achieve maximum success.

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The Benefits of the Working Genius Model

Improved Team Dynamics

One of the most significant benefits of the Working Genius model is the improvement in team dynamics.

By understanding and leveraging each team member’s unique strengths, teams can work more cohesively and effectively.

This can lead to better communication, collaboration, and overall performance. 

Increased Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

When employees are placed in roles that align with their natural talents and preferences, they are more likely to feel engaged and satisfied with their work.

This can lead to increased motivation, commitment, and a willingness to go the extra mile for the team.

This contributes to retention, higher NPS scores, and better client satisfaction.

Enhanced Problem Solving and Innovation

The Working Genius model promotes a diverse range of skills and perspectives within a team, which can lead to more effective problem solving and innovation.

By leveraging the unique strengths of each team member, organizations can generate new ideas, identify potential issues, and develop creative solutions.

Implementing the process in hiring can also ensure you are bringing the right person into your team in the right role.

Streamlined Decision-Making and Efficiency

By understanding and leveraging each team member’s unique strengths, organizations can streamline their decision-making processes and improve overall efficiency.

This can lead to faster, more informed decisions and a more agile and responsive organization. Projects move faster, deadlines are met, budgets are kept. 

Working with me to implement Working Genius

As a compliance professional in the FinTech and Financial Services space for over 15 years, as a Director and a coach, I have the operational experience to apply models to your team in a way that makes sense and takes the stress off of you! 

I know the benefits of this work and I’ve seen how companies which have implemented it increased productivity and employee satisfaction. 

This system is repeatable and can be implemented in any size team or division. 

Imagine not having to worry about hiring the right person, or how to organize your team for maximum productivity. 

I have a unique understanding of how teams work together, and I would love to help you implement this tool to bring your team to the next level.

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