Podcast: The Subconscious vs. Conscious Mind

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Amy Bracht

Coach | Change Agent | Dream Manager

52 Weeks of Me – Episode 43:

The Subconscious vs. Conscious Mind with Amy Bracht


Being in the corporate world for most of her career, Amy Bracht had successfully worked her way up and kept hitting all the milestones every professional woman hopes to achieve. She had a great team and a great portfolio. But she reached the point where she woke up every morning asking herself if it was everything there is in life. Amidst that introspection, she realized that the part she enjoyed the most in her job was interacting with and coaching people, helping them to succeed.



  • Recalling the promise and the pre-work that shaped and prepared her for the big jump from the corporate to the entrepreneurial setting
  • Getting out of the “should’s” into doing what you value the most especially the things you get only one shot at in life
  • The role of Psych-K® in enriching self-awareness and correcting the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs
  • Simple and practical baby steps to reprogramming the human hard drive from the conscious to the subconscious operations of the positive changes moving forward


After having her own issues resolved through a Psych-K® facilitator she only met virtually, she too has become a facilitator herself, helping people navigate through transitions and transformations.

She sees coaching as “me holding the time and space” for someone who really knows himself better than anyone else, and has everything he needs in himself to resolve his own issues. Hence, it should not be as intimidating as it normally appears to many, especially to men. 


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