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Maximize team performance and wellbeing by raising the EQ across your organization

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Most teams work too hard, experience too much conflict, friction and stress, and vastly underachieve their potential. This is because every team member is unknowingly sabotaging both their own and their team’s performance and wellbeing.

We’ll enable your teams to maximize both performance and wellbeing simultaneously by focusing on the root-level mental muscles that impact both.

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Build & Support High-Performing Teams

Our initial six-week app-guided program boosts each individual’s mental fitness through the Saboteur Interceptor, Self-Command, and Sage muscles.
Starting in week 7, the app modules enable a team to assess their strength on the 4 Pillars required for maximal team performance and wellbeing: Triple Purpose, Earned Trust, Healthy Conflict, and Mutual Accountability.

Triple Purpose

Each team member is inspired to grow in meaningful and lasting ways, to help teammates do the same, and to positively impact others.

Earned Trust

Team becomes a safe space for people to be transparent and authentic, admit to mistakes and shortcomings, and feel supported and cared for by one another.

Healthy Conflict

Team embraces conflict as a gift. Members learn to be upfront and direct in challenging each other as a way of arriving at best solutions and helping each other grow.

Mutual Accountability

Team members hold each other accountable for both results and conduct, as opposed to waiting for the team leader to do so.

Elevate Your Organization’s EQ

Positive Intelligence represents a breakthrough in your ability to raise Emotional Intelligence (EQ) across your organization. The main challenges until now have been the existence of too many EQ competencies (18) and that initial improvements quickly fade over time.

Positive Intelligence dramatically simplifies this challenge due to factor analysis research that identified the root-level building blocks of EQ. 17 out of 18 EQ competencies are automatically developed through a combination of intercepting the negative Saboteurs and activating Self-Command and the 5 positive Sage Powers.

The resulting EQ improvements are sustained because we focus on building habit-forming mental muscles, not just insights.

98% of our program participants experience EQ growth. The percentage of participants improving each competency are listed below:

Self Awareness

  • Emotional Self-Awareness (97%)
  • Accurate Self-Assessment (98%)
  • Self-Confidence (83%)


  • Emotional Self-Control (91%)
  • Transparency (82%)
  • Adaptability (90%)
  • Achievement (85%)
  • Initiative (86%)
  • Optimism (91%)

Social Awareness

  • Empathy (97%)
  • Service Orientation (84%)

Relationship Management

  • Developing Others (76%)
  • Inspirational Leadership (79%)
  • Change Catalyst (78%)
  • Influence (76%)
  • Conflict Management (84%)
  • Teamwork & Collaboration (92%)

A Foundational Platform for Sustained Growth

Positive Intelligence optimizes each individual’s performance and wellbeing through the first six weeks of mental fitness training. Starting with Week 7, this shared operating system enables teams to strengthen the 4 Pillars that maximize team performance and wellbeing.

The app platform enables continuing growth through ongoing Modules that use the operating system in a variety of personal and professional, individual and team applications. Mental fitness, similar to physical fitness, gets to be an ongoing commitment.

Six Weeks of Foundation

The first six weeks use intensive 15-minutes/day of practice to lay out foundational neural pathways forming the 3 core muscles of mental fitness: Saboteur Interceptor, Self-Command, and Sage.

Months of Applications

Once the foundational core muscles are established, the app guides ongoing individual and team applications of these newly-acquired capabilities.

Sustained Engagement

Inspired by measurable results and gamification, participants continue to level up on the Saboteur Interceptor, Self-Command, and 5 Sage Powers. Each new application grows the core underlying muscles.


Measurable Progress for Individuals and Teams

Measurable progress motivates ongoing practice. This includes mental muscle buildup, and how charged up the Sage (positive) region of the brain is prior to important meetings or decisions. Progress is also reflected in the PQ Score which is the measure of mental fitness, including percentile ranking relative to others.

Sustained Results for Business Growth

The results span both performance and wellness across the organization.

90 %

Use Mental/Emotional Energy More Effectively

92 %

Improve Ability to Develop Others

85 %

Increase Happiness

91 %

Manage Stress Better

83 %

Improve Self-Confidence

84 %

Better at Conflict Management

Positive Intelligence has boosted mental fitness and generated spectacular results for employees of hundreds of organizations.

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Why am I so passionate about what I do? Because I believe we are all called to live abundant, joyful lives, and the main reason we do not is because old limiting stories get in our way.

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These behaviors don’t serve us, yet we find ourselves stuck because we don’t know what to do next to change them.

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