Building a Lifelong Mental Fitness Habit in Health Care

A US-based Health & Wellness company chose to participate in the Positive Intelligence program in order to help build resilience within their workforce.

Participants reported the following after 6 weeks of their Positive Intelligence experience:

  • 91% would highly recommend the program to a friend or family member
  • 100% indicate they have strengthened their emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • 100% report managing stress better
  • 100% say they use their mental and emotional energy more effectively
  • 92% say they handle personal relationship conflicts better
  • 91% say they feel more engaged at work

Participants reflect on their experience with the Positive Intelligence program: 

This is the first program that I’ve ever been in that I feel connected to. I plan to use the PQ techniques for the rest of my life.

It allowed me to feel more centered and focused at work.

It helped me have more empathy, be more focused and how to calm my mind.

I’m more aware of negative emotions and realize that like a hand on a hot stove, they’re still important signals, but they don’t need to linger or determine my state of mind forever.

I learned a lot in this program, and appreciated the way it was laid out. I continue to try to internalize and adopt the material. There are so many ways it can affect my work and relationships. I am grateful that the app will continue and become more tailored to my needs and desired areas of focus. 

I can now see my Saboteurs at work. Knowing that my Sage will continue to grow through PQ practice gives me something to look forward to – something to use when I find myself stressed or unfocused.

I am happier. 

The simplicity of the operating model makes is easy to apply to work, life, and relationships. I found the program to be practical and engaging.

The constant support, challenges and very engaging app were awesome. The bite sized chunks of video are a great approach for easy consumption of all the information.


If you would like to learn how the Positive Intelligence program could benefit your team or organization, please contact us for more information.