PSYCH-K and Limiting Beliefs

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Amy Bracht

Coach | Change Agent | Dream Manager

I facilitated a fantastic session this morning with a client. We were working on some pretty deep limiting beliefs. What a joy it was to see the change after going through the PSYCH-K process! Even physically, I could see the change…the spirit was lighter, the smile returned.

One of the things I love the most about my work is using this tool for change in my clients. Even though most of my clients come to be about career transformation, there is usually something holding them back which comes from a different place or experience. PSYCH-K is a perfect way to affect change in how we perceive situations.

A session usually starts by asking the client to describe what is today. And then the important question: What do you want instead?

Have you thought about what YOU want instead?


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Listen to my interview with Vishnupria Aristo at about SLAYING LIMITING BELIEFS USING PSYCH-K®️

As a career coach, clients often ask me about how to align their purpose with their career.

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