PSYCH-K™—It works…but HOW?

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Amy Bracht

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Have you ever wondered why the same issue keeps popping up for you over and over?

It could be that you keep finding yourself in difficult relationships. Or you keep releasing and gaining the same 20 lbs.   Or no matter what you do, your credit cards are always at the limit.

You know clearly what you SHOULD do…. but you either don’t do it at all, or you start, but self-sabotage as soon as you see success.

Why, you ask yourself, does this keep happening?

The answer is the habits and paradigms that exist within your subconscious brain.  

Our subconscious brain runs most of our day, even though we don’t realize it.  That’s exactly how it should be!  

Our subconscious brain processes information with extreme speed and makes decisions automatically for us all the time.  We don’t realize it, but we go through a majority of our day without consciously deciding what to do.  

As an example, do you think about every step that has to occur to get out of bed in the morning to go brush your teeth? 
Open eyes, look at ceiling, rub eyes, sit up, look around, move one leg, move other leg, put both legs over the bed, stand up….do you consciously think about every step? 
Unless you are trying to, those things just happen, while your conscious mind is already starting to think about your day, meetings, getting the kids up, etc.


As humans, our brains are efficient; anything we can possibly automate in our lives will be automated. 

So instead of spending the precious conscious thought capacity on making choices, we build complex systems of habits and decisions that run our daily lives. 

Our behaviors are the same way. And when we have stories about ourselves, or habits which are detrimental to us, it’s challenging to make lasting change.


Take for example the common scenario of weight loss.

You decide Monday is the day.  You wake up, you eat what you’ve decided is a healthy breakfast (or maybe, you’ve decided to fast, so no breakfast at all!), you count your calories, you actively say no to the donuts and candy that might be in your space, you eat your salad, you go for a walk or hit the gym…and so it goes.  You put all your effort towards it daily, and you begin to lose weight.  It’s very exciting!

Then…boom!  Something happens that takes over your conscious thoughts.  A parent or spouse gets sick, a work project becomes messy, a child has trouble in school and your worries.  Your conscious thoughts become consumed with something else.

And as they do, your automation kicks in so that you can keep going.  You grab lunch in a hurry, because you are working on a project.  You feel some emotions, so you have that bit of ice cream because it’s always made you feel better in the past.  You stop going to the gym, because it doesn’t even occur to you till the end of the day that you never went.

And the weight lost creeps back to you.  

So how do we change the habits and paradigms that control so much of our life to support what we’ve consciously chosen?

PSCYH-K™ is a process where new neural connections are created in the brain to support a new story, a new habit, a new paradigm. 

By applying movement and conscious thought within specific processes, we create a new pathway for our subconscious to “travel” when certain triggers are met

So instead of thinking “I can’t lose weight”, we create a new pathway that says “I am healthy and release weight easily.”  Instead of “I’m just not good with money”, we create a new pathway that says “I always have more than enough of what I need, and I respect money.” Literally any issue which requires support from our subconscious mind can be rewired with the thought of what we want instead.

The journey to becoming a PSCYH-K™ facilitator has been one of the happiest and most rewarding of my life. 

Change is real and it can happen more easily than you think! 

I use this methodology all the time, and it has profoundly changed my paradigms and how I live in this world. 

If you are interested in learning more, please set up a call!  Let’s find out what PSCYH-K™ can do for you!

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