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I’m currently reading Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. In it, he talks about how self-perception can be so powerful it overrides objective standards. This can make us our own worst enemy.

It’s an interesting book, so add it to the list.

In the book, he describes his “prescription of a successful personality”:
S: Sense of Direction – Get yourself a worthwhile goal
U: Understanding – Seek true information about you
C: Courage – Be willing to take a chance
C: Compassion – Appreciate others’ POV and experiences
E: Esteem – Appreciate your own worth
S: Self-Confidence – Learn from mistakes and forget them
S: Self-Acceptance – Appreciate and differentiate self from behavior

What do you think of this definition?

As a career coach, clients often ask me about how to align their purpose with their career.

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